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MWM Electro logo 260MWM Elektro Sp. z o.o. has recently taken a major step in its development process. After 20 years of presence on the market, the company decided to revive its visual identity – a new logo has been created. Moreover, the company has built a new headquarters, establishing the Research & Development Centre within its walls. The project was co-financed by the European Union. The Centre Staff is formed by highly qualified engineers (including doctors of technical sciences). As a result, the Company has now “provided itself with tools” which will enhance its innovative potential.

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As far as innovative potential is concerned, we cannot disregard a few recent company’s solutions:
1) Container type hoisting machine B-3000/AC-6m/s to drive one-end mining shaft hoists (the project was co-financed by the European Union) – the structure of the machine enables its transport to a temporary or permanent work site with usage of public access roadways. It allows for quick installation on a specially prepared foundation, which may consist of prefabricated blocks, also transported on site in a standard way. The complete hoisting machine consists of modules comprising all devices, which, once integrated, function as a complete machine, ready to work. The containers function as protection against external influences and housing during transportation, operation, and storage periods. The platform enables repeated applications in various places and atmospheric conditions. The container type hoisting machine can be applied as an element of a shaft hoisting designed to be used mainly during sinking or deepening a shaft, as well as during all specialized works related to a shaft.

2) Mobile hoisting machine B-1200/M/AC-2m/s type to drive one-end mining shaft hoists – a machine intended to multiple assembly and disassembly with a possibility of easy transport with usage of public access roadways. Simplification of all activities related to transport, installation, and commissioning of the hoisting machine enables its application in emergency situations when there is a need of evacuating the staff trapped in the shaft and there is no other evacuation way. Application of the mobile hoisting machine results in no need of building and maintaining permanent shaft infrastructure aimed at staff evacuation from a certain shaft. The mobile hoisting machine can be also used to perform other shaft works, eg. audit and revision work, maintenance works or works connected with ropes and vessels replacement.

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We invite all specialists to visit MWM Elektro’s stand at the Mining & Metals Central Asia Exhibition on September, 18-20 in Almaty, IEC Atakent.

MWM Elektro presents at the exhibition:
hoisting machines, slow-speed drum winches, shaft signaling and communication equipment, off-shaft devices, fan stations, drainage pump stations, serial production equipment: power supply and control units of the braking system, power units of lubrication systems, visualization devices and systems, devices for recording data concerning the operation of the hoisting machine and the entire shaft hoisting system, directional and deflection sheaves, stations producing and distributing the air used for cooling the driving motors and converter/inverter systems, medium and low voltage switchgear, power supply and control systems for off -shaft equipment, all other equipment making furniture of the mine shaft hoists.

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