NEVAB Mining Solutions is bringing two major Swedish brands to MiningWorld Central Asia 2017

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NEVAB Mining Solutions represents two major brands from Sweden:

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1.EOL Vent Mining AB - (Swedish Manufacturer and Designer of UG ventilation systems for Mining and Tunneling applications)

EOL Vent slogan whiteThe EOL Ventsystem specially designed for underground ventilation, offers a complete ventilation system along with expertise for the correct calculation and design of suitable ventilation equipment.
The EOL Ventsystem consists of system design, axial fans, dampers, silencers, frequency converters, flexible ducting, ventilation doors and accessories.

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2.Nord-Lock AB - (Swedish manufacturer of SECURE BOLTING SOLUTIONS in Mining and Quarry applications)

Mines and quarries are riddled with large, heavy-duty machines built specifically for crushing and drilling through solid rock. Few machines are subjected to such demanding conditions, from extreme loads to constant vibration.
For some of these machines, strong vibrations aren’t a consequence of their operations – it is their operation.
But for all their strength and durability, it can often be the smaller bolted joints that buckle first, and therefore bolt security cannot be compromised.
In order to feed the world’s insatiable appetite for precious metals and minerals, the mining industry needs to be continuous. Despite the heavy demands, mining equipment can’t afford to break down since every minute of downtime costs money. Mining & quarrying is known for operating in the harshest of conditions.
Solutions from the Nord-Lock Group are suitable and common for securing everything from tooling to the most critical and exposed joints.

For more details, please read Lifetime Warranty from Nord-Lock Group.

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